Transfer Credit

Intended Audience:

This course evaluation request website is intended for current undergraduate Georgia Tech students and applicants that need courses evaluated for credit, initial transfer, or admissibility.

GRADUATE STUDENTS OR APPLICANTS, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SITE.  Information for graduate students interested in transfer credit can be found at here.

Transfer Credit for Online Courses

Currently, on-line versions of all Lab Science courses, International Affairs, Psychology, Economics and courses equivalent to HIST 2111 and HIST 2112 are not eligible for transfer credit consideration. In most cases mathematics are not eligible for consideration unless sufficient documentation is provided to show the course exams are proctored. If you are interested in taking the on-line versions of mathematics courses that meet this requirement, or have questions regarding this policy, please contact the Registrar's Office at for more information.


Before submitting a request for an evaluation, please review the transfer equivalancy catalog. If your course(s) are listed with a GT equivalent, there is no need to request an additional evaluation.


Before logging into this website and requesting a transfer credit review you will need to have a course syllabus and/or description in electronic format (pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, tif, or png only) for each course being evaluated. The course syllabus and description are the basis of your evaluation. Georgia Tech cannot process your request without them.